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Hemp / CBG Oil 

Our CBG Oil

Our CBG oil is a full spectrum oil with the highest concentration available of cannabinoids for a higher effectiveness with alleviating pain and improving quality of sleep. We raise our hemp with organic practices and varieties of the hemp plant with the highest levels of CBG, CBD, CBN and CBC.


Our oil is extracted by Exodus Infusions using a proprietary method with minimal processing and avoids the use of CO2, ethanol or hydrocarbons. We like our product to be as natural as nature intended for maximum health benefits and positive environmental impact.  As for for ingredients- Hemp + Grapeseed Oil. That’s it. No additives, no refinements, no games. 

Every batch of infused oil is randomly sampled and analyzed at a third party testing facility. This means you can scan the QR codes on any of our products to see a full analysis of each batch.

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