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Bonnie Blue Farms is our family owned and operated farm in Pipersville, Pennsylvania just 20 minutes from New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ. Our founder and farmer, Ross has years of agricultural experience from growing up on a family livestock farm, managing the farm at the Rodale Institute and the Glasbern Inn, and teaching Agricultural classes at Delaware Valley. Ross continues to do crop consulting in addition to running this organic farm specializing in Hemp and Grass-fed Sheep. All of the farming techniques focus on regenerating and preserving the land while producing high quality crops and livestock. The Duffield family operates in two locations, Wyalusing and Pipersville, Pennsylvania.

Our Flock

Growing up on a livestock farm meant that when our family officially started Bonnie Blue Farms it was decided that sheep would be part of the farm and keep the whole family on the classic farmer schedule- sun up to sun down! In between that we farm organic produce and have our sheep processed for grass fed meat and in the efforts of never wasting a thing we also sell and process the pelts. In the future we plan to combine both of our enterprises with Grass fed lamb finished on our homegrown Hemp feed for a unique flavor. Join our newsletter mailing list and keep up to date on what we are growing next!


Making a piece of land work for the farmer is typically what leads to a successful or unsuccessful farming enterprise. We use regenerative farming so when deciding to add Hemp to our production 5 years ago all of Ross’s time with the Rodale Institute and his other experiences helped us refine the way we farmed this unique crop. We were able to successfully integrate our herd of grass-fed sheep into our Hemp farming operation as a method of sustainable weed management and pasture rotation to enrich the soil.

Our Hemp

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