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60 ML CBG Oil

Ethically extracted CBG oil from our organically grown Hemp plants on our family farm in Pennsylvania. 60ML, 1600 mg of CBG oil in each bottle. Just Hemp and grapeseed oil, no funny stuff.

60 ML CBG Oil

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  • Like CBD, CBG has been used to combat pain without having the intoxicating effect of cannabinoids like THC. Research shows that CBG can also have therapeutic effects. However, human studies on this are sparse and more research needs to be done in this area. The examples cited below are not approved by the FDA and cannot be guaranteed by Bonnie Blue Farms. Customers are recommended to consult their physician before using CBG 

    Some promising animal studies show that CBG might ultimately be found useful for treating the following: 

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) 


    Huntington’s Disease 

    Bladder Inflammation 

    Fighting Cancer Cells


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